Governor Eddie Baza Calvo signed Executive Order No. 2015-05 placing the Serve Guam Commission, within the Office of the Governor which was established on June 2, 2005, by Governor Felix P. Camacho. This Executive Order is in line with the National and Community Service Act of 1990, as amended (hereinafter “NCSA,” or the Act,” 42U.S.C 12501 et seq.), the Corporation for National and Community Service (“Corporation”) makes grant to help establish, operate and expand national service programs such as AmeriCorps. In addition, the Corporation, through the National Service Trust, provides education awards to, and certain interest payments on behalf of AmeriCorps participants who successfully complete a term of service in an approved national service position. Further, AmeriCorps provides training and technical assistance to national service programs.


Serve Guam Vision, Mission, & Strategic Approach

Our vision is to revive Guam’s spirit of service and embrace a culture of Volunteerism that increasingly shapes our communities and changes lives.

Our mission is to promote the value of volunteerism and improve the overall quality of service

Strategic Plan Emphasis Areas:

    • To increase range of and quality of volunteering strategies
    • To increase awareness and outreach efforts of service and volunteering
    • To ensure sound and sustainable and transparent effective organizational management
    • To provide quality research and evidence base
    • To develop organizational and individual volunteer and service capacity

Strategic Goals (SG)

The Serve America Act amended the national service laws and expected CNCS to strengthen the service network and address areas of need that CNCS has the capacity to address. SGC continues to focus and invest on opportunities where national service, community programs and projects that achieve outcomes in the following interest areas:

      • Education
      • Economic Opportunity
      • Environmental Stewardship
      • Disaster Preparedness and Damage Assessments
      • Healthy Futures
      • Veterans and Military Families
      • Capacity Building
      • Volunteer Recruitment and Management