NOTE: Serve Guam Commission (SGC) does not place individual AmeriCorps members with organizations. SGC provides competitive grants for programs to design, implement, and manage a state AmeriCorps program. It is the responsibility of the successful grantee to recruit and manage AmeriCorps members.  


Q. Who is eligible to apply?

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Community/Regional/Statewide
  • Faith-based
  • Secular


  • State/County/Local
  • Education
  • Districts, Collaborative, Higher Education

Q. Does my program fit into a CNCS AmeriCorps Funding Priority?

  • Education
  • Veterans and Military Families
  • Disaster Services
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Healthy Futures

Q. What grants are available?

   AmeriCorps State and National Grant:

  • Utilize resources to develop an AmeriCorps program which will engage AmeriCorps members to address community needs in CNCS and/or SGC priority areas.
  • Grantees will receive an award for specific amount per Member Service Year (MSY).
  • Grant requirements are: sound program design and implementation strategy identified; clearly articulated member responsibilities, activities, training, supervision, evaluation, organizational history and capacity, sustainability plans, and fund management.

Q. Is AmeriCorps the right fit?

Run the numbers:

  • Does my organization have the organizational, technological and fiscal capacity to manage a federal grant?
  • Does my organization have the resources to match the federal funds (cash and in-kind)? Review the Overall Minimum Match Chart here.
  • Does my organization have the resources to manage a program for 30-60 days before receiving reimbursement?
  • Can my organization support, at minimum, 10 Member Service Years (MSY)? 1 MSY equals 2 half-time (HT) term of service for 900 hours.

Secure Commitments

  • Receive commitment letters from organizations willing to partner for an AmeriCorps program (these are for organizational use only, not for submitting with the grant application).

Do the Research

  • Does my organization address compelling needs in education, veterans/military families, disaster services, economic opportunities, environmental stewardship, healthy futures or capacity building?
  • Would this program support my organization’s mission and strategic plan or the needs of my community?

Meet with Potential Partners

  • Will this program offer services not already offered in the community?
  • Are there other community organizations wanting an AmeriCorps program or an existing AmeriCorps program in my community?

Q. What is AmeriCorps selection criteria?

Program Design

  • Evidence that identify needs exist in targeted communities;
  • AmeriCorps is adding unique value;
  • Interventions are evidence-based or evidence-informed with measurable community impact;
  • Provides powerful service experience with increased community impact;
  • Links need with intervention and anticipated outcomes.

Organizational Capability

  • Sound organizational structure;
  • Ability to ensure compliance with AmeriCorps rules and regulations;
  • Record of accomplishment as an organization;
  • Success in securing community support.

Cost-Effectiveness & Budget Adequacy 

  • Aligned with program narrative;
  • Does not exceed maximum cost per MSY.